TriZetto® NetworX Modeler

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    As your provider contracts grow more complex, it’s harder and harder to predict how the proposed terms will affect your bottom line. At a time when containing costs and increasing efficiency can be critical to meeting the demands of healthcare reform and staying competitive, your ability to effectively analyze the financial impact of contracts is crucial.

    The answer is NetworX Modeler®. This solution provides the business intelligence and analysis that your contract managers need in order to negotiate contracts that are financially viable for your organization and agreeable to providers. By improving your ability to analyze data, compare contract proposals and accurately forecast results, the NetworX Modeler solution helps you negotiate and manage your contracts more effectively—and in a fraction of the time you once spent on these tasks.

    NetworX Modeler®

    NetworX Modeler® is a sophisticated contract modeling application that enables your contract management teams to perform in-depth, high-precision analyses of all provider contract scenarios. You can download actual historical claims data and run different scenarios at the contract-term level—no matter how complex the rates and terms. With this information, you can quickly forecast results, negotiate the best terms and improve the financial outcomes of every contract. All this can be done without the need of support from IT or other departments.

    The NetworX Modeler® solution also helps you:

    • Control costs and reduce medical loss ratio by quickly identifying contract proposals that are too costly or too imprecise.
    • Automate tasks to reduce manual processes involved in modeling and contract analysis by as much as 50 percent or more.
    • Make faster decisions by drastically reducing the time it takes to model contracts and forecast results.
    • Improve provider satisfaction by negotiating mutually agreeable contracts more quickly.


    In addition, the solution enables you to dive more deeply into “what-if” scenarios when analyzing provider contracts. Actionable reports provide customized, color graphs and bar charts. NetworX Modeler delivers sophisticated business intelligence that can help improve forecasts and decision-making during contract negotiations. With this innovative application you can:

    • Interact with the data to create multiple “what if” to view and analyze results.
    • Compare the projected cost of various contract proposals.
    • Make informed decisions more quickly and accurately.
    • Easily negotiate mutually agreeable—and carefully analyzed—contracts in less time.


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