TriZetto Premier Partnership Program™

  • TriZetto's Premier Partners help you achieve key business goals and innovate.

    TriZetto has established a special initiative to serve its Benefits Administration clients, providing integrated, affordable access to innovative products and services from premier vendors that can help administrators better manage the cost and quality of care.

    The following Premier Partners provide solutions that have been pre-integrated with TriZetto's industry-leading QicLink claims administration platform. In addition, by leveraging TriZetto's strength and self-funded market share, we are able to drive optimal vendor pricing and give your organization access to the same type of high-performance, high-impact solutions that larger organizations have in place.

    These products and services are part of a cohesive strategy to help benefits administrators transform from the singular focus of paying claims to the broader strategy of better managing client risk.

  • Healthcare Payments Technology


    Zelis Payments

    Zelis™ Payments is a leading healthcare payments technology company dedicated to delivering value via exceptional client experiences. Our solutions facilitate regulatory compliance and streamline the transfer of healthcare payments and data. Through our proprietary integration with Cognizant’s TriZetto® QNXT, Facets, or QicLink , Zelis Payment’s technology becomes a part of your daily workflow to create a seamless payment process, which improves accuracy and reduces process complexity for significantly improved cost control. To ensure provider satisfaction and reduce noise, we employ a unique, provider-centric enrollment and support model, which encourages electronic adoption and network retention.

    QicLink Premier Partners

    Cigna Logo


    Cigna is a global health service company dedicated to helping people improve their health, well-being and security. Cigna's national PPO network of more than 800,000 practitioners and 6,000 hospitals means expanded PPO network coverage for your employer groups as well as discounts for increased plan savings. TriZetto Benefits Administration and Cigna enable benefits administrators to offer QicLink-integrated access to the robust and diverse network of quality-focused physicians, hospitals and clinics included in the Cigna national PPO network, as well as the significant discounts made possible by using this proprietary network.


    AHDI Logo

    American Health Data Institute

    American Health Data Institute (AHDI) offers fully integrated healthcare risk management tools that result in actionable data leading to data-driven decision making that enables employers to best manage their risk and employees to be an active participant in their own health. The AHDI solution incorporates a completely integrated Chronic Disease Management program with Nurse Navigators, predictive modeling, and physician profiling. In addition, tools such as a health risk assessment, a personal health record (PHR) and an EZView Reporting Drilldown package are provided. AHDI is a system solution that will identify excess healthcare costs and the factors driving those costs – turning healthcare data into intelligence.


    Benefit Informatics Logo

    Benefit Informatics

    Benefit Informatics, Inc. (BI), is a healthcare data integration and analytics reporting company. BI receives claims and member data directly from multiple sources and transforms it into actionable information enabling the efficient planning, management and analysis of benefit plans. Benefit Informatics solutions include Data Integration, Data Analysis and Reporting, and Advanced Clinical Analysis. BI's simple and proven software as a service (SaaS) technology helps organizations identify and control healthcare costs. BI customers include employers, insurers, TPA/ASOs, broker/consultants and coalitions. Benefit Informatics integrates nearly 300 data sources, many refreshed daily, and serves more than 75 payer organizations, 6500 employer health plans, and more than 3.5 million members.




    Teladoc is a national physicians' association that provides consumer members with affordable, around-the-clock access to telephone and video consultations with trained, board-certified  primary care doctors who diagnose medical problems and, when necessary, prescribe medications. Teladoc services improve access to care and can deliver significant savings to self-insured organizations. Employers value Teladoc for its role in sustaining a healthy, productive workplace and for providing access to care for individuals who live in rural areas or travel and cannot connect with their regular doctor. Teladoc can help employer groups reduce absenteeism and lower overall healthcare spending by preventing unnecessary visits to emergency rooms and urgent care centers.


    TRPN Logo


    Three Rivers Provider Network (TRPN) is the nation’s largest supplemental PPO Network Foundation providing healthcare benefits to more than ten million members at more than one million locations nationwide. The TRPN network is comprised of more than 600,000 total providers, including greater than 6,000 hospitals and 70,000 ancillary facilities. TriZetto and TRPN are working together to help make healthcare affordable to all Americans while creating a positive relationship between the patient and healthcare community.